This page presents some of the articles written by Albert Low. Some ot the articles are Teishos that have been transcribed. Others are articles published in the Zen Gong and other journals. Zen Gong is a publication of the Montreal Zen Center. Each edition includes articles written by the members themselves, the teacher-directer Albert Low and by other Masters. New articles will be added periodically.

Please click on one of the titles below to view the whole article.

On Pain


The whole body is hand and eye


Alive or dead?


Fountain of Miracles


Go to the heart of the problem


Why Practice?


M 41 Bodhidharma Sat Facing The Wall


Every day mind is the way


Reading from Nisargadatta


A Non-Buddhist Questions the Buddha


Bodhidharma Sat Facing the Wall
(new version)


What is consciousness and has it evolved?


Letters from Ta Hui


On Practice


The Magician is You


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